QV Melbourne

QV is an open air retail precinct located in the heart of Melbourne. Latitude was briefed to design a unique and user friendly wayfinding system that would dovetail the precincts existing architecture and maintain its progressive brand language and positioning. Employing a restricted colour palette with custom typography and graphics, the anglular form was inspired by QV’s complex architectural features and the distinct multi-leveled and layered laneways. Latitude delivered the project to completion including strategy, mapping, site audits, tendering, documentation, contract management and quality control.


Working with the Grocon team, City of Melbourne and Diadem; Latitude conducted a comprehensive analysis to gain insight into the visitor usability and site navigation, which formed the basis of our wayfinding and signage framework. In delivery, we developed a individual and confident signage system that was both simple and economical to update, an fundamental requirement in a fast-moving retail environment.

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