QV Eight

Situated underneath the John Wardle tower at QV1 and rising above the retail QV Melbourne precinct lies a very unique and diverse place to live, QV Eight. The project commenced as an opportunity by Grocon to transition an unused urban carpark into a series of eight luxury high end apartments in the heart of Melbourne. Working closely with Grocon design team, Breathe Architecture and Vero Property, Latitude developed the concept, brand and visual identity for the eight apartments. With a contemporary design approach designed to reflect the most discerning buyer our sales and marketing campaign was focused on the design delivery, materials and finishes and livability of the apartments. We delivered a full sales and marketing campaign for both on and off shore marketing with a strong EOI and ROI digital marketing campaign that quickly saw all eight apartments sold off market. The finished result of the apartments was just as stunning as the 3D visualisations we created and perfectly inline with design intent from Breathe Architecture.


A combined mobile ready , fully responsive digital build and marketing campaign proved to be the combination required to deliver the sales for these eight stunning apartments.

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