Design Institute of Australia

The Design Institute of Australia (DIA) is Australia’’s professional membership body for designers and design businesses. The DIA exhibit at DesignEX was designed to materialise and articulate the Institute’s commitment to multidisciplinary design and to engage with visitors representing Australia’s diverse design community. Underpinned by the design principles of sustainable temporary architecture, the exhibition concept was developed around the idea of using a singular material with a high recyclable content. As such, FSC certified plywood in natural finish (and in full sheet size where possible) was used in the construction of internal framework and for all external surfaces. Inbuilt modularity allows for the exhibition stand to be flat packed onto pallets, unpacked and reinstalled in its original configuration, or reconfigured as required for future exhibitions.


‘Cirrus’, a floating cloud installation, was incorporated into the ceiling volume of the space. This installation signified the thought process inherent in all design: the generating of ideas. Made from thousands of hand folded chatterboxes, ‘Cirrus’ provided a soothing landscape of modulated surfaces and changing light patterns  the perfect juxtaposition to the minimalist architecture of the stand.

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